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Elämyksen Taika — Experience Magic 

Finland is known for its extensive forests which cover 70 percent of the country and approximately 168,000 lakes. The dominant trees in Finland are Scots pine, Norway spruce, and birches. Forests are also dotted with aspens, alders, and rowans.

Helsinki Area is the Natural Capital of the World. There is no other metropolitan area in the world with over 1,000 inhabitants that is surrounded by so much wildlife. 

What does Elämyksen Taika do?  

Elämyksen Taika (Experience Magic) offers recreational and wellbeing program events focused on experiences in the Finnish nature including activities in the forest, river, and lake. 

Nature Trips 

You can choose from:

· going into the forest for a professionally guided wild mushroom picking experience 

· survival in nature: How to survive without food if you are lost, how to make a fire, how to make a temporary shelter, what you need to do to get attention from a rescue team 

· Orientation in the wilderness: How to find the cardinal points 

· Or how to identify the edible herbs from the poisonous ones

· Wild herbs and how to use them in your own kitchen 


· Canoeing trips on the Mustijoki river (indian canoe, grand canoe, or stand up paddling (SUP)

· Canoeing safari from Sarvikota to the Hirvihaara Manor: A more physical and longer canoeing trip experience (carrying the canoe to the shore and around the rapid)

· Grand Canoe trip: After sunset trip in a lightened canoe through the Mustijoki river for small groups (groups of 8 or less). The Grand Canoe trip includes grilling sausages in an open fire and coffee made in the open fire in Sarvikota after the trip

Experience Games 

· GPS Treasure Mystery: Combining beautiful Finnish nature, excitement, hiking, puzzle solving, and team spirit. The GPS Treasure Mystery can be organised in the beautiful Nuuksio National Park, Tuusulanjärvi (Lake Tuusula), or Meri-rastila 

· Team Games: Fun and team work suitable for anyone that can be organised almost anywhere. Competitions between teams where the winner gets a prize! 

· Nuuksio Team Challenge: Combining Nature trips with Team Games

Who are we? 

Elämyksen Taika was founded by Julia Loukia in 2007. Julia is 

Professional and licensed guide in wilderness and nature as well as canoeing, snowshoeing, and Nordic walking guide. In addition, Julia is a certified mushroom and wild herb guide putting her knowledge and expertise in practice through creating delicious recipes. Julia shares this knowledge with her team of professional and educated guides so that they can make your day a successful, unique, and unforgettable experience. 

Julia can also organise trips in nature close to Helsinki (for example in Nuuksio National Park, which is approximately a 40-minute drive from Helsinki centre. Once the location has been established, Julia carefully plans and designs a personal itinerary and selects the best guide from her team for each individual group. 

There is always a sufficient number of guides to guarantee the quality of the service. The programs are carefully designed with security always in mind. Respect for nature and the environment is reflected in all our actions and choices. We operate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Uusimaa region). 

Elämyksen Taika offers a unique experience of a little piece of traditional Finnish Lapland: Sarvikota. *to be continued

Elämyksen Taika’s Safety and Values


Elämyksen Taika pays particular attention to the security of the event and the security of all the participants. Before joining the team, our guides are trained in First Aids and a First Aids kit is always available at the venue. Our company also follows and acts in accordance with the corresponding security laws. 

In activities where the customers’ safety requires special attention, a specialized guide accompanies the group. These cases can include climbing, abseiling, and canoeing. 

To ensure the safety of the participants, Elamyksen Taika recommends customers not to consume alcohol prior to the activities since intoxicated participants are not going to be allowed. This is for the safety of the participants and the group as a whole. Of course, after the program there will be time to enjoy your favourite drink. 


Nature and sustainable development

Part of Elamyksen Taika’s philosophy and values is to make sure that future generations can enjoy a clean and beautiful nature. For this reason, we plan all our events with respect for nature and the environment. By doing this, we are setting a good example for our clients, too. All what we do and the decisions we make are based on respecting nature, which is our main pillar. 

We are committed to the principles of sustainable nature tourism and trash-free hiking. We collaborate with Metsähallitus (the National Parks Administration) to protect and make good and responsible use of the Finnish National Parks.

We use high-quality and long-lasting equipment as well as avoiding disposable tableware. Our raincoats are made of sustainable materials and can be rented for a small amount (2 EUR).   

Member of the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs Association

Elämyksen Taika is one of the member companies of the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs Association.

Elämyksen Taika is an ecologically responsible company committed to the eco-ethical principles of the Association. 

Find out about the Finnish Eco-Entrepreneurs Association’s eco-ethical principles by following this link.

Responsible program services company

Elämyksen Taika is a responsible player in its field. The company employs professional qualified freelance guides and rewards them accordingly. 

Companies and individuals who have enjoyed our experiences


· Nuuksio National Park

· Sipoonkorpi National Park

· Tuusulanjärvi area, Krapi Hotell

· Hirvihaara Manor 

· Mustijoki River

· Finnish Nature Center Haltia


Address: Vanha Soukkiontie 514, 

04680 Hirvihaara, Mäntsälä, Finland‌

Phone number: +358 50 541 9775